In Germany - Inna with Hanna v House RotvisPopova Inna - RKF judge, National Rottweiler Club(NRCR) member, member of North-Western Beurau of NRCR, leader of land-group "North-Western Union".
Her first dogs were GSD - Zika and Rena. In 1990 she bought her first rottweiler - a female Dendy. Some years later she finished kynological courses and became RKF judge for open and then national level shows.
In 1997 she was a Chief Kynolog ( responsible for breeding) in Kynological Center "North-Western Union", but later she left this position in order to concentrate her attention on the favorite breed - ROTTWEILER! In 1998 North-Western Bureau of National Rottweiler Club was formed and Inna became a Chairman of the Show committee. Thanks to her efforts and professional managing there was organized a special rottweiler show which became annual. The show is very popular with rottweiler breeders and lovers because of perfect organization, friendly atmosphere, rottweiler specialist judges. In 2002 the show received a national status. In November 2001 Inna became a Vice-president of North-Western Bureau of NRCR

• 1999 Cup of North-West (judge Kleinbok, Russia)
• 2000 Cup of North-West (judge Shljapin, Russia)
• 2001 Cup of North-West (judge Grin, Russia)
• 2002 Cup of North-West (judge Anita Whitmarsh, Sweden)
• 2003 Cup of North-West (judge Gabriele Wodak, Austria)
• 2004 Cup of North-West (judge Stanislaw Podlaski, Poland)
• 2005 Cup of North-West (judge Bianka Miksic, Croatia)

The work with the breed begun in early 90-s, but only after foundation of Russian Kynological Federation (1994) the kennel was registered in RKF, and 4 years later - in FCI.
Our first females derived mostly from Russian blood lines and they were mated with best males of domestic and foreign origin.
Most successful litters were sired by:
-Edgar de Pervil ( son of living in Poland Borgvaale Prince of Darkness) - big, temperment male with strong head (Erfolig Ikar)
-Terminator Borgvaale z Vilanova - polish import male, son of imported to Moscow RUS Ch Amado z Zaglebochka. Terminator was linebred to one of the best producers of Poland of that time - J:J Lila Hagsater, it was a medium size male with strong head, strong bone and good temperament. His descendents inherited good body construction, strong bone, typy head with dark pigmentation of the mouth and they were leaders of the show ring of middle 90-s (Erfolig Erica, Erfolig Chelsi).
-Rombo v. Hause Stenke (ADRK) - son of excellent producnig bitch Anda v. Haus Rumpel (Erfolig Iborg, Erfolig Imperatris, Erfolig Igris)
Most famous dogs from breeding of these years were:
• Erfolig Ikar, y.b. 1992 S-Petersburg show winner
• Erfolig Chelsi and Erfolig Erika y.b. 1994 – S-Petersburg show winner
• Erfolig Zvaiter , 1994 г., Petersburg Winner
• Erfolig Iborg, 1995 г. призер в-вок СПб
• Erfolig Karla and Karamba – multi CAC
• Erfolig Feya Pango – 1997 г., S-Petersburg show winner
UnaErfolgi Una – 1997, multi CAC, open class winner rottweiler special 2001, V-placed of EVERY year of Cup of North West (1999-2004)
Erfolig Vilena Waterloo d.b. 2001 – Junior Winner of rottweiler speciality, P.Fleige, Russian champion RKF champion, Double winner of biggest CACIB of S-Petersburg White Nights 2003, 2004
• Erfolig Dolce Vita, Drakon, Disel – winners of shows in Petersburg

Analyzing the results of work with domestic lines we saw that blood of the ancestors that derives from Soviet military kennel “Krasnaya Zvesda” (Red Star) is very hard to overcome even by strong German studs. Legally fixed facts of using not only rottweilers in the beginning of the development of the breed in that kennel is also a dark spot in the history of rottweilers from Red Star. It’s become absolutely clear that in order to achieve positive results it’s necessary to import new PURE blood breeding female of pure German origin.

In 1994 we met Gerasimova Irina - very experienced dog owner and rottweiler breeder, the owner of "Kirfield" rottweiler kennel. This person played a remarkable role on the development of our kennel.
In 1989 Irina imported a Hungarian female Beher Leini Bianka, from ADRK sire - Edelboy v. Werther Sdadt and DDR dam Enke v. Winkel. Both parents were imported to Russia (URSS) later.
Enke v WinkelEnke was medium size female with excellent body and very typy head peace, excellent stop, well developed cheek bones, short muzzle and high set ears. The most successful litter of Bianka was V-one out of DDR import Astor v.d. Pfingstwiese. Irina kept two dogs from that litter - female Vildgret and a male Vainbrand.
A female Vildgret possessed a very typy head with prominent stop and cheek bones, she was shown 9 times in her lifetime only on the special rottweiler shows with results of 8 "BOB" and 1 "BOS" titles. She became a foundation bitch of the "Kirfeld" kennel.
Her brother Vainbrand was a very popular stud of the middle 90-s in Petersburg. He is a medium size male with well developed and compact body, with good musculature and strong bone, very typy head with prominent stop, well developed cheek bones and wide skull, small high set ears, it's a very temperament male with high working drive. Being line bred to "Enke+Eyk v. Winkel" parents Vainbrand was a very influent producer and he matched perfectly most females of domestic origin, giving to his descendents his head type and working abilities; qualities which dogs of that time lacked drastically.
The most titled son of Vainbrand was Erfolig Zvaiter, multi class winner, champion of S-Petersburg.
As you might've noticed DDR rottweilers were the most popular and available import due to conservative politics of former Soviet Union. Advantages of those dogs were modern head type, good hips and extraordinary working abilities, as faults - some times light eye color and medium bone strength.
PiranjaIn 1994 we bought a female Piranja, daughter of mentioned Vildgret and Urs Zonbrix, the last was a son of DDR import Brix v. Rotten Ufer. Thus, the pedigree of Piranja represented a mixture of 3/4 DDR blood lines with multiple inbreeding to "winkel" dogs and lines of Harras v. Stenkopf [Benno v Algeur Tor son].
It was a big and strong female with wonderful head peace - wide skull, excellent and high stop, prominent cheek bones. Together with modern exterior Piranja inherited excellent temperament, which differed greatly from the dogs of that time - she was fearless, hard and stabile dog in the work field and very social and friendly in a day-to-day life.
Piranja was a class and prize winner on many breed shows of 1997-2000 years under the judging of many Russian, Finnish and German specialists. She was also high placed on IPO competition.

She gave us two litters. The first one was after Zhainer Katrdarstain, whose pedigree consisted of typical for that period combination of DDR (Dargo v. Kreutzstein) and FRG (Harras v Steinkpf) lines. The most successful dog of that litter is Ilbret Pizhar - interchampion, champion of Russia and Belorussya, Finish CAC. Unfortunately Ilbret left only one litter in the kennel in 1999 after the Ben v. Lerchenfeild, multi champion, grand son of Pasha v. Hegestrauch and Doc v.d. Teufelsbrucke and none of the litter was ever shown or bred.
Second litter of Piranja was born after ADRK male - Brando v.d. Hassberghohen (Ken v Schwaiger Wappen + Mira v Schwaiger Wappen). Brando - was imported to Finland by the owners of "Fold Face's" kennel, where he made victorious show carrier (5xCACIB, Multi CAC)
PiranjaFrom Brando and Piranja there was born only one female Banda, which remained in the kennel. At the breeding age Banda was mated several times with no success. Few mating she got empty and puppies after Int Ch Wiktor v Geranshof and Int ch Morro vd Scherau died few days after they were born.
Thus the first attempt to breed german lines went to the end. It’s become absolutely clear that in order to achieve positive results it’s necessary to import new PURE blood breeding female of pure German origin.

Anyway, Piranja was a remarkable dog in our life. Mostly thanks to her we felt deep love and faithfulness to the breed, according to her we developed an opinion about desirable exterior and character of Rottweiler.Piranja at IPO training It was a first dog that we passed our first IPO title, we took part in IPO competition on S-Petersburg championship (3 place, best bit work), we took part in the first rottweiler championship abroad with ADRK judge (Lahti-Sieger 1997 V5 among 32 dogs in open class, W.Walter). Having strong rottweiler character with high instinct of defense, she was absolutely friendly with home guests. As an example, I may note she was the only rottweiler female in working class on Special Rottweiler show of Rottweiler Club of Petersburg that judge Pirko Pessonen could touch in the ring… She was the first and only! Our true love for ever.

Next acquisition of our kennel was a female from Olburd kennel (Zekke), daughter of Zekke winning  on the special show in FinlandIndio Dell'Antico Guerriero and Daphne v.d. Immenstetten, granddaughter of Doc v.d. Teufelsbrucke and Ferres v. Hirschenrangen. It's a very promising young female with faultless body construction and excellent temperament; her show and breeding results were absolutely justified by her pure origin.
It necessary to note, that Indio attracted our attention as a stud a time ago, he possesses nice exterior qualities proven on major European show (Interchampion, Italian Ch, ADRK KS V-placed) and high working drives (Italian work champion, IFR'01). His farther Jackomo founded one of the most progressive lines of Germany, whose descendents represent bright modern type of rottweiler and leads on the most prestigious rings of Europe (Fanto and Jumbo v. Kummelsee, Ole v. Ostsaschen, Odo and Odin v. Fleischer, Morro and Muck v.d. Scherau, Tough v. Hause Neubrand).
Zekke gave a birth to one litter after Russian champion, Russian Rottweiler Club champion and Club Winner and Ukraine champion Burbon Pride of Beaumonde (Ukraine import, son Ben vd Scherau, gr.son of Ciddo v Rosslesgarten).

ZekkeErfolig Zheneva (female from Burbon and Zekke) already gave a birth to wonderful litter after multichampion and super stud Morro vd Scherau. The page of L-litter you may see in the gallery. Erfolig Larita (that remained in the kennel) by the age of 20 months entitled as Russian champion with several Best of Breed titles. Her brother Lexus is developing good show carrier in Finland by winning few CACIB.
In the year 2003 new female

Alexys s Voshodjaschego Soltza joined the kennel. She's grand grand daughter of Carlo v. Hamburger Michel via his imported son Dachs v. Tweelbacker See, Champion of Giorgia and Russia.

Alexys with her owner ViktoriaAlexys is a big strong female with strong bone, dark color of marking, strong head with prominent cheek bones. She won Russian champion title after several shows, also she was working class winner of Cup of North-West under Gabriele Wodak and 4 placed on national rottweiler champion ship in Moscow under Bianka Miksic Kasun. Her line in the kennel represents her daughter – Erfolig Elti (f. after Junior Europe Winner'01 Odin v. Hause Neubrand), already Russian champion and V3 rated on rottweiler champion ship in Moscow under E.Hellmann (ADRK).

Inna and Unique AlegrandaIn May 2003 we bought a female in the kennel of our friends "Alegranda" which is linebred to Jackomo v.d. Bleichstrasse via his two most titled sons who are also proven producers Indio Dell'Antico Guerriero and Balue v. Silbelbrick.The farther of Unique - Fanto v. Kummelsee possesses according our opinion most desirable qualities for rottweiler very typy head, good size, excellent bone, strong and well developed body, good temperament, good working drives.
Her mother - Nouki RG Alegranda derives from two interchampions Indio Dell'Antico Guerriero, mentioned above, and Ebra Ultimatum, which is offspring of such famous dogs as Interchampion, Germany Ch, Polish Ch Wiktor v. Geranshof, Int Ch Doc v.d. Teufelsbrucke , Int Ch Axel v. Nedermolen, World and European Ch Ken v. Schwaiger Wappen and ecc. Most valuable advantages of that line are excellent bone, red color of markings, strong body, typy head with short muzzle.
Unique started her show carrier very successfully in Petersburg and then she continued in the hands of my daughter in the kennel “from House Rotvis”. Unique is Interchampion, champion of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine Club Winner 2005, Poland Club Winner 2006 and most of all – ADRK Best foreign female 2005, ADRK champion class winner! I have young daughter (Afra v House Rotvis) of

Unique and ADRK import Lewis vom Kummelsee, Mambo v Crossener Ranch son.
Unique was not the only ADRK KS placed rottweiler raised in my home. Hanna v House RotvisIn 2005 I took a female from Morro vd Scherau and Indiana from House Rotvis – Hanna. Hanna did a fantastic show carrier and that was not surprising according to her exterior and champion behavior – ADRK KS 2006 – V2, RJCAC VDH junior class, U.Pettermann, Ukraine Junior club Winner 2006, Junior champion of Russia and Ukraine, Champion of Moldova, few CACIB, many Best of Breed titles. Now she lives in Greece, young and very promising kennel vom Leuchtenbrucke.



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